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The collection 2021

rockah.brand unveils a gender-neutral collection: SKOLOTOI. The range pays tribute to a proto-Slavic nomadic civilization of Scythians known as the Scoloti. Their cultural codes and jewelry traditions, their closeness to animals and the natural world, have become a major source of inspiration for the designer.

After paying tribute to Greek mythology and Roman poetry in its first two collections, rockah.brand is dedicating its line to the Scoloti civilization – a nomadic proto-Slavic people who lived in the territory of the modern Ukraine in the 8th and 7th centuries BCE. Roxana Romanenko , founder of rockah.brand, designer and gemologist, explores the Scoloti people’s symbols of divine blessing and reproduces them in the new SKOLOTOI jewelry collection. “Jewelry is the most universal way to tell a story. Our collection creates a sacred space for the world of animals, and brings back the tradition of wearing amulets and charms as protection from the underworld,” Roxana explains.

The collection brings together the main codes of the Skoloti: zoomorphic motifs, polychromatic composition, jewelry worn as amulets, artisanal handcrafted bronze and silver pieces, as well as gender neutrality. The collection draws no distinction between feminine and masculine – the point is each person’s personal connection with nature and with their ancestors.


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