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The collection 2020


The leitmotif of the second collection is a Latin phrase AVO or Amor Vincit Omnia, which refers to the line from the Eclogue X of the Encloques, a series of poems by Virgil (70 BC-19BC), translated as "Love conquers all things, so we shall yield to love."

rockah.brand continues to explore the aesthetics of the Renaissance by empowering jewelry with meanings and Latin inscriptions. To give the collections a distinctive authentic style, jewelry masters used exclusively traditional methods of aging and patination. Gold-plated bronze and patinated anchor-shaped pendants are reminiscent of ancient travelers and interlinks to the previous rockah collection. "Siren’s Treasures". Rings with the never-ending Latin inscription Flamma, carries a meaning of “Burn, fire, flame and passion” and could be worn on every finger.

An important part of the collection showcases the 24k gold-plated bronze Signets with natural patina. They are a symbol of brotherhood and involvement in sacred knowledge. The five hand gestures carry five different meanings which echoes in Christianity and the sacraments of the time of Renaissance. 


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