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Sirens treasure

The collection 2019


rockah.brand first collection of artisanal jewelry inspired by Ancient Greek aesthetics immerses you in the world of myths, hidden treasures and rediscovered riches of the sea. The name of the collection – Siren’s Treasures- evokes mythical sea creatures who captured pieces of jewelry, coins and of course pearls collected from the drowning ships. It is as if one of the long lost chests has been brought to the shores so that aged, yet timeless pieces could again enthrall the wearer. 


Siren’s Treasures summons many cultural references and mythological allusions. The intricate interplay of marine themes, ancient and Renaissance references combined with an oriental touch results in this collection. These creations bring past worlds closer and connect us with heroes and heroines of Greek pantheon, who’s beauty and legends inspired generations of artists. 


All pieces are hand made from natural materials, such as- bronze, naturally cultured pearls of various sizes and shapes, porcelain and terracotta- the same used by the earliest jewelers. To respect their work and to give the collection its distinctive authentic style, only traditional methods of aging and patinated were used. 


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TSUM Kiev, Kiev, Khreshchatyk, 38

MATIERE79, Odessa, Victory Gardens, 1st floor

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