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Just as Faith gives rise to Blessings, rockah.brand’s designer was inspired by Faith and Humility to create the BLAGO Collection, which draws on the symbolism of early Orthodox Christianity, from an era when the Kievan Rus’ region was converted to Christianity by Grand Prince Vladimir. The driving concept behind the collection is a metaphorical return home. After all, the life of any individual is a great spiritual journey, arising out of Faith, drawing on Hope and finally resolving into Love and a long-awaited return to origins.

By staying on the path of spiritual ascension, a person encounters various forces and symbols which help them to understand their identity and to accept Love into their life. These symbols are reflected in the jewelry of the BLAGO Collection.

The dome shape which is a prominent feature of the collection is a metaphor for eternity, a symbol of heaven and the angels. The dome unites, provides protection and shelter, and awakens Hope. In addition, since the earliest times, the pointed hemisphere has come to represent a kind of cosmic canvas, a symbol of infinite universal connection.

Water and fire – two elements in eternal opposition – finally join and come together, demonstrating the inherent contradictions of the material world. At the same time, water is a symbol of the purity of the cleansed soul and its return to its original crystal-clear state. Fire is a force that seeks out divine truths and illuminates the path ahead, but also destroys the shell of our past existence, allowing the real self to finally reveal itself.

The apple blossom cross represents resurrection, rebirth, salvation and eternal life. The cross is a symbol of God, forgiveness and the true Love it bestows.

The horse is vitality and unlimited freedom. Horses are wild by nature, but humans have learned to tame their feral energy and use it wisely. Consequently, a man on a horse is a symbol of humility, and the ability to temper one’s own thoughts and emotions in the service of a greater purpose. 

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